Labyrinth Entrance reveals new album details

Four years ago we entered the labyrinth for the first time. ‘Monumental Bitterness’, well received by the audience, was the birth certificate of Labyrinth Entrance, one man black metal project from Poland, created and commanded by Hunger (also Stillborn, Horror of Naatu). It was dark, it was black, it was almost literary journey through Dante’s hell. But it was just the beginning. Now, we are pleased to announce the second entering. Labyrinth Entrance is back, with yet another dark road, but this time, it leads deep into faith, relligion and vanity behind it. Second full-lenght entitled ‘Deplore the Vanity’ is a big step forward, being also a mark of progress. It will be released on May 21, as a standard jewel case CD.

Hunger comments: ‘If sin is fighting and breaking the covenant with God through evil deeds, then this album is a great sin of mine’.

The artist himself may be concise, but his second work deserves attention and recognition. „Deplore the Vanity” consists of eleven compositions and lasts fifty minutes, which gives its author a lot of space to show his abilities and talent. Hunger takes full advantage of this and gives us an album that is extensive, complex, full of various arrangements and changes in the atmosphere that surrounds the music and listener. Make no mistake though, it’s still aggressive, fast and passionate black metal at its best. Not only Hunger sinned by creating it, we all will just by listening to it. And believe us, it will be a pleasure.

‘Deplore the Vanity’ was recorded at 666Studio, during winter 2019 and 2020. Engineered, mixed & mastered by Michał Grabowski. Piano in ‘Drowned’ by Łucja Cieśla. Front cover photo by Katarzyna Urbanek SEI Art. Layout and design by Black Team Media.


  1. Spirituality I
  2. Absence of Light Surrounding
  3. Spirituality II
  4. Dogma Hexagram
  5. Spirituality III
  6. Supreme Rapture
  7. Paroxysm of Blakk Kult
  8. Dissolving Weakness
  9. Deplore the Vanity
  10. Presence of Great Sadness
  11. Drowned

Hunger – All instruments & Vocals

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