Lasting Maze, a way to express the music

LASTING MAZE is a Brazilian melodic metal band formed in 2014, composing songs about the human mind, psychology, science, movies, games, as well as human feelings.
In 2016 the group released “Silent Spring”, their first EP, featuring six tracks and paying homage to the book “Silent Spring” written by the scientist and marine biologist Rachel Carson. In the following years the band performed at several festivals, being welcomed by rock and metal fans, and also by japanese music ones, which allowed them to share the stage with the renowned Japanese singer and composer Miyazaki Ayumi.
Despite the coronavirus pandemic that hit the world in 2020, LASTING MAZE worked hard on new compositions, played at online festivals, released videos and the singles “To The Wolves” and “Thunder”, a song that carries the name of the upcoming EP, and brings a reflection on fear and the need to understand it in order to move forward, finding peace in the midst of the storm.
On April 23, 2021, “Thunder” will be released on all digital platforms, the group’s second EP, featuring the three previous singles and two unreleased tracks. The effort shows a new approach and maturity of
LASTING MAZE, with influences from European heavy metal and a positive message to the listener, showing that it is possible to face your fears and challenges with patience, wisdom and holding your head high.

MWZ: Hi there, first of all, who are Lasting Maze ?
Lasting Maze:
Lasting Maze, in addition to a regufe from daily routine and problems, is a way to express our mutual feelings of music.
Each one of us has personal tastes about music and stuff, many of them different from each other, but the Lasting Maze is
the place where we all can turn our personal stuff into songs, lyrics and express ourselves.

MWZ: “Thunder” ! Tell us something about this Ep !
Lasting Maze:
The EP Thunder is the result of a full year, or more, of perfecting songs to show our best of the moment.
Some riffs and lyrics are quite old, but we decided to put those ideas foward in 2019, year that we finished all the recordings.
There were many technical improvement in Thunder EP, and the thirst for using electronic beats has been partially satisfied in a way.

MWZ: Which bands has influenced your sound ?
Lasting Maze:
Many Nü Metal and Hard Rock bands were responsible for shape my bass style and techniques, like KoRn, SOAD, Ill Niño, Mötley Crüe, Disturbed.

MWZ: What do you think about Brazilian lirycs on your next album ?
Lasting Maze:
I think some verses can be recorded in portuguese, but I don’t think about a whole song written in portuguese.
I like to mix different languages in some parts of the songs, and the portuguese can fit in some.

MWZ: How is the band living this Look Down ?
Lasting Maze:
The band is producing what we can produce hahaha
According to our limitations and resources, we are working as we can to keep our music going.
Some songs has been written and ideas appears in anytime to be a part of our daily job.

MWZ: Who are Lasting Maze out of music ?
Lasting Maze:
Each one has its occupation. I’m a college professor and researcher in electrical engineering field.

MWZ: That’s all!! Greete our readers with a message!
Lasting Maze:
We’d like to thank the opportunity and to say we really miss playing live concerts.
We hope everyone has enjoyned the Thunder EP and stay tuned to Lasting Maze news! We never stop!


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  • Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tESxhwyZnIVU1TTbW2ADp
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