Lasting Maze releases “lockdown sessions” video of “Thunder”

Brazilian melodic metal LASTING MAZE performed on April 24th at Festival Desérticas II, where they released their second EP, “Thunder”.
Vocalist Grazy Mesquita commented on the event: “We were looking for the right date to release our new EP “Thunder”, and the festival festival gave us an excellent opportunity to do it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we produced a great audiovisual content for the festival that was shown in a pre-recorded format, those were the videos from the ‘Lockdown Sessions’ version of the songs ‘Thunder’, ‘Kosmos’ and ‘Destiny (Carry On)’, all songs belonging are taken from our new EP.
We had a wonderful team to produce these videos, Tiago Bampa was responsible for the location and filming, he is a partner who has been producing our videos for a long time and always delivers an impeccable job. Polly Freitas and Adrienny RosWin were responsible for makeup and costumes. For each video there was a change of costumes and special makeup, which brought characteristics and elements of the themes of the songs, they did a sensational work that was highly praised. We, Lasting Maze members, did our best playing and performing the songs for the videos, it was amazing to see that the final result of our efforts was highly praised by the festival audience. It was amazing to be able to play alongside so many inspiring bands, fronted by strong women, and to see a local festival receiving this notoriety made us all very proud”.
Now the quartet is making available one of the videos of this “lockdown sessions”, recorded for “Thunder”, the title track of the new EP.

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