Lost Division released “No God” single & music video from their upcoming album

Finnish Oulu-based female fronted hard rock band Lost Division is set to release their debut album Cuts And Scars on May 28th 2021 via Inverse Records. Third and final single No God is released today.

The band comments:
“The third single from Cuts & Scars, No God, serves up proper rattling, rhythmic rock’n’roll. This is the most aggressive song of the album. You will want to listen to this to-the-point bulldozer of a song again and again. The heavy riffs, catchy chorus and a striking guitar solo definitely make No God one of the stars of Cuts & Scars. The lyrics paint a dark version of what will wait for us all when our life ends on earth”

Pre-save Cuts & Scars album on Spotify: http://bit.ly/3dZSUcq
Pre-order Cuts & Scars CD: http://bit.ly/3sZywwz

Lost Division is founded in Oulu, Finland back in 2015. Their first single release Wish You Were Dead was released in 2018 by Inverse Records. In 2019 their singer changed and they started to compose material for the upcoming debut album which was recorded in 2020. The album is recorded at Liiteri Sudios and it is mixed by Mika Lammassaari at Demolition Center Studios. Mastering is handled by Stefan Pommerin at Illusia Productions.

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