Luciano Launius “Painters Of Ether”[Experience Music Label]

Luciano Launius debuts with this beautiful symphonic power metal painting entitled “Painters Of Ether”. The really interesting thing is that in this album, despite the great instrumental technique of the individual musicians and guests, we find beautiful songs, which go beyond the concept of symphonic power metal to embrace what Rhapsody Of Fire started many years ago.

In this album you can breathe a magic and a pathos that only the great fantasy or even science fiction films can have. The tracklist offers several exciting songs, and the album is able to excite more and more with each listen. Luciano Launius offers us an album well supported by the keyboards and by the many samples that we find especially at the beginning of each song, giving us an album intended for fans of the genre but for all those who want a very elaborate metal album and that we could define even in some cases as innovative, and therefore it could also please many listeners who are not necessarily fans of symphonic power metal.

An excellent debut that bodes well for the future of this musician. This is an album of which Italy must be proud, a product that surpasses many names both Italian and foreign, thanks to an obsessive attention to all aspects and thanks to a very high technical rate. Gentlemen, this is a true masterpiece!



  1. Defenders of Lorenia: Paolo Perazzani (Batteria), Nick Muneratti (Basso), Henning Basse (Voce)
  2. Euterpe (singolo): Francesco Tresca (Batteria), Matteo Galbier (Basso), Fabio Dessi (Voce), Luca Veronese (Tastiere), Silvia Violet Balbo (Soprano)
  3. Silent Sinners: Francesco Paluan (Batteria), Alessandro Jacobi (Basso), Giacomo Voli (Voce)
  4. Demon Hunter: Demis Castellari (Batteria), Leone Villani Conti (Basso), Tomi Fooler (Voce), Enrico Marchiotto (Tastiere)
  5. The Young Pharisee and the apprentice (singolo): Manu Lotter (Batteria), Giorgio JT Terenziani (Basso), Michele Luppi (Voce), Andy Martongelli (Solo finale chitarra)
  6. Elders of Serion: Herbert Loureiro (Batteria), Sergio Dr. Schafausen (Basso), Mayo Petranin (Voce)
  7. The Dancing Butterfly: Michele Olmi (Batteria), Andrea Lonardi (Basso), Massimo Cavallari (Piano), Chiara Tricarico (Voce)
  8. The land beyond time: Mike Terrana (Batteria), Mike Lepond (Basso), Giambattista Manenti (Voce)

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