Luke Fitzgerald – “Lost My Mind” [Fixxer Records]

Luke Fitzgerald, from Kansas, he play guitar, bass, piano, and sing. I has just released a single(Lost my Mind) for a solo project I’ve been working on. He has a solo album out that is Acoustic and piano songs with singing. Luke Fitzgerald also has a band called EveriKnee they are a rock band and they have just released our first single.

“Lost My Mind”, the new single, offers a listener and engaging , well enhanced by more marked grafts that give dynamics to the whole journey. The general sound is fluid, dinamic, with a redundant scratchy of sounds that amplify and enhance the atmosphere. A job well done to leave a good mark with the intent, in our opinion, successful to make the piece dynamic and ringing as a whole.

Luke Fitzgerald , proved to be prepared to create dynamic structures, without renouncing more powerfull riffs, which undoubtedly leave an excellent mark. A song that drags the listener into a dimension with a remarkable sound impact and which releases excellent vibrations.

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