Madhouse cross the finish line of their third album with this “Secret Antithesis” which comes out for Nadir Music. A perfect and very powerful production welcomes us from the first song “Thunder Of Fire”, where an excellent guitar work by Filippo Anfossi stands out and a battery on the shields by Carlos Cantatore (ex Annihilator).

With the next two songs, “I’ve Had It Up To Here” and “Nicotine” the band overwhelms like a train poised between hard rock and modern metal, with Federica Tringali’s voice doing its duty and managing to give melody but also pushed to the right point. After such a crackling start the band tries to offer something more varied: the miscellaneous “Infected World”, “When The Black Sun Dies” and “Voodoo Doll” strike for an unexpected stylistic variety and for a greater leaning towards melody.

If we had to summarize this album in a few words we could say that the first part is decidedly more metal, while the second part is more alternative rock, with valid episodes of how “The Place Where I Belong” and “Playing Rough Again”. A mature disc, which breaks the stereo speakers thanks to a contemporary sound that is emphasized by a very compact production. A nice return from Madhouse, nothing else to add!