Marene release “Something’s Out There” (Radio Mix By Acle Kahney from TesseracT & 4D Sounds)

After spending much of the tormenting 2020 stagnant with no gigs, MARENE decided to postpone their full album release and work on this intermediary EP (as a means to keep busy and stay sane, as well as channel their range of ineffectual emotions from living in perpetual survival mode into something constructive)! “Something’s Out There” is metaphorical and written with the notion of something ominous looming over you (symbolic for anything you’re afraid of that might stop you from dreaming and keeping you up at night … much like the menacing Covid-19 is keeping us all out of our dreams).
Tyler Duggan (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Producer) shares that “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, at least that’s the way I see it. If you’re looking for fist pounding, hard hitting, meat and potatoes Rock N’ Roll, look no further than our latest release. As always, MARENE strives to give our fans the ultimate experience, and this EP is just that. So plug in some headphones and get ready to meet your maker. Cos’ this EP is no faker.
Radio Mix Mastering Engineer Acle Kahney (4D Sounds & TesseracT) was a pleasure to work with, adding that “these songs all feel pretty glued together and consistent.”
Ozzey Padayachee (Vocals & Bass) adds that “The release of this EP marks the culmination of the band’s work over the last year. Recording posed many challenges that we overcame together and grew stronger because of it. My favorite tracks are Something’s Out There and Bad Lovin’, not only because they contrast each other but express the unique personalities the band has. I’m very proud of the EP and its production.”

The first two songs in the EP contrast highly to the last two. “Bad Lovin’” and “We’re in Lockdown” were the first two songs constructed, both in the producing process and writing process, but appear last on the EP. They are more positive, upbeat and fun, whereas the first songs were written last. They are a lot darker, angrier and written with more frustration. The first two songs were constructed and written months after lockdown was implemented. At this point, I became more agitated by the fact that I was stuck at home, unable to to play gigs or rehearse due to Covid-19 restrictions and it comes across in the songs.
Majority of the songs on the EP are self-explanatory. “Bad Lovin’” and “We’re in Lockdown” have very clear messages: it’s about lockdown love and bad love, but “Bad Intentions” and “Something’s Out There” are metaphorical. “Something’s Out There” was written with the idea of something looming, you don’t necessarily know what it is. When lockdown had begun, this thing loomed amongst us and we didn’t really understand or necessarily know what it was until months later research started paying off (this was Covid-19). “Something’s Out There” could refer to almost anything you’re afraid of, anything that might stop you from dreaming or something that might keep you up, much like Covid-19 kept so many of us out of our dreams and even out of sleep.


Tyler Duggan: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & EP Producer
Ozzey Padayachee: Vocals & Bass
Maronay Todkill: Keyboard
Arian Helm: Lead Guitar
Skye Nagel: Drums

Old trends are returning and MARENE is in front of the line to bring back the best of the best: good ol’ classic Rock N’ Roll baby! Heavily influenced by bands like KISS and Van Halen, MARENE is bringing back what was once the best of an era (with a MARENE spin on it)! This vibrant band runs around on stage with signature colors, lights hows and choreography; all while still playing an instrument and singing.

With a razor-sharp voice and an intricate rhythm at hand, front man, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tyler Duggan takes the front of the stage by storm with high energy and cheeky dance moves. To his right, with a thundering voice and jazz-rooted bass playing is Ozzey Padayachee, the bassist that growls. When the front man isn’t taking front stage, the lead guitarist Arian Helm steps up to the spotlight, running shreds and dinosaur bends. Don’t let his height fool you, he can shoot sparks from the headstock of his guitar into great heights. Steadily behind the band is Skye Nagel, but his shy soul doesn’t hide there, he thrives there. He makes sure he is heard with fist pumping strikes. Filling up the gaps with synths, is Maronay Todkill, making sure everyone’s eyeliner is on point before they step out on stage.

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