Maxime Sacchetto unveiled new single “Tut Mir Weh”

DIY Indie/drone/folk/lo-fi artist from Lausanne (Switzerland), Maxime Sacchetto just premiered the single from its new S/T solo album with the official music video of “Tut Mir Weh” available right now on YouTube.
The song will be featured of its upcoming album coming out on August 27th through Table Basse Records, the independant label he founded by himself.
In the meantime, the song is also available as digital single through the main legal platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.)

The DIY spirit, Maxime Sacchetto has made it a real work ethic. The Swiss artist from Lausanne city recorded his new solo album during the second lockdown, on which it celebrates spontaneity and chance through a deliberately very lofi sound aesthetic.
Winter 2020/20021 time have been lonely for many people. This general morning atmosphere, Maxime Sacchetto decides to capture it in his premises in Lausanne, alone. The twelve tracks of the album are the reflect of a form of loneliness and wandering (emotional, human, social) in spaces depopulated urbanites, repopulated for the occasion by memories and desires from elsewhere.
On this album, Maxime just recorded what gone through his mind, Most improvised titles, therefore, although completed by some real compositions, a cover of Sun Kil Moon in english as well as some interludes / field recordings.
The sound was then only slightly reworked, for the sake of purity. The goal was to obtain a result as close as possible to the initial feeling..

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