MD ONE, a stopover in Berlin with “Bombe A”



Dublin, London, Berlin, Prague, Copenhagen, New-York…
These are the cities in which MD ONE finds its inspiration.

Composed of Marc and David, this electro pop rock band likes to draw its inspiration from the souls of big cities, and then transcribe their respective atmospheres in their music.
This is how their repertoire is to date composed of a wide range of atmospheres as different as they are inspiring, which are sure to take you on a journey through the most beautiful cities in the world.
In a particular global context, MD ONE and its musical universe both stand out as a breath of fresh air and an invitation to travel and discovery.


One, because the two of them are one…

While one places the words of the emotions on paper, the other brings them to life in music. From this complementary union, “Twelve Stars”, a constellation of 12 songs, is born. The release should be announced soon.
After a debut single, “Love Grows Everyday”, with lounge, soaring and rock sounds, accumulating to date more than 50,000 plays on Spotify and accompanied by a music video shot on a London rooftop, the duo is back with “Bombe A” and its video filmed in… Berlin!

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