MegaSnake released new single that takes you back to summer feelings

The Finnish power quartet MegaSnake has released a new single “Don’t”. The band’s line-up is singer Richard ”Tipe” Johnson (Leningrad Cowboys, Gringos Locos, Apocalyptica’s live line-up), Drummer Twist Twist Erkinharju (Peer Günt, Leningrad Cowboys, Los Bastardos Finlandeses), Guitar player Samuel Hjelt (Kings of Modesty, ex-Ancara) and bass player Henrik Tuura (Kings of Modesty, Killer Kachina)

Guitar player Samuel Hjelt and bass player Henrik Tuura backgrounds the new track:
“We’re not re-inventing the wheel or anything like that. Our influences go back to 1970’s and 80’s rock music and that is surely easy to hear. We are just making the kind of music that we personally love to play.”

The debut album of MegaSnake is scheduled to be released on March 2022.

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