Monkey Intrusion – “Pussycats and Monkeymen” [Ghost Record]

Preceded by six singles, the Italian band Monkey Intrusion releases the new album “Pussycats and Monkeymen”, a condensation of stoner, which merges with proposals more on the grunge side. What we expect from this new album is over an hour of music shot in the face with power, anger, and confidence.

The path of validity is full of interesting structures that the Italian band manages to propose thanks to a dry but effective sound with the omnipresent performance of every single musician capable of giving depth in every possible nook and cranny.

The proposal is easily classifiable as anticipated in the classic grunge/stoner, although it appears quite simple in form, it is difficult to decree with precision the right placement, for those who chew the genre as many influences go to embellish the listening.

“Pussycats and Monkeymen” is one of those “situation albums”, where by force of things you have to go beyond the simple fact of being in front of instruments that emit sounds and vibrations.

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