Monumentum Damnati – “In The Tomb Of The Forgotten King” (Self Release)

Monumentum Damnati are a masked band and the genre they propose is a death / doom metal that has many atmospheric and evocative openings, which are also the result of a great keyboard work present throughout the record.
This base is a good element to elevate the sound of this band and not make it appear similar to many other productions of this genre. There are songs where the doom component is more present, but when the band crosses death metal something really interesting is born, as demonstrated by a complex and enveloping track like “Infernal Sun”, which demonstrates all the skills of the band.
Curious is the fact that, despite the proposed genre may suggest the opposite, the songs have an average duration that is often under five minutes in duration, and this aspect is also to be considered a good point in favor for me, because it dilutes a the leaden and oppressive atmosphere of the record, which acquires a little more immediacy.
It is for these reasons that this album, while offering something not easy to assimilate, flows smoothly and engagingly, and this element combined with the clear production, make all instruments feel great, and therefore every musician is not only valued as a whole, but also in its role.
At the end we can say that this “In the tomb of the forgotten king” is a great debut and we are already looking forward to savoring his successor.

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