Monumentum Damnati, International Melodic Death-Doom Dark Metal band

MWZ: Welcome Monumentum Damnati! How was “In the tomb of  a forgotten king” born?
Monumentum Damnati:
Greetings! The story of our debut album beggins long ago, about 10 years now. Though the band itself exists only a few years. Abhoth a founder of the band and its mastermind wrote a lot of material back then, but it couldn’t fit the current band he was part of, so all of these songs you heard in “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” had to wait for it’s right time to come out. Since the first time we met we quickly found out that we have lots of things in common, especially musically, so it didn’t take much time for us to form a new project where we can use that dark stuff Abhoth wrote. When the new band and debut album concept was built we finally recorded it, with some help from our friends musicians, who like us decided to remain anonymous. So basically, the story of a “Forgotten King” whose old tomb was reopened is partshaly personal for us.       

MWZ: Are you working on new material already? And how do you think you will evolve in the future?
Monumentum Damnati:
Yes, in a matter of fact we do. It just so happens, since Abhoth and I started working together, the new ideas come very often, they are so many we even barely have time to record everything, since we both also have other projects. But anyway new material will come soon enough, because Monumentum Damnati becomes our main priority. And speaking of new material, it will be a lot more darker and much heavier. Also we will use some unusual instruments and arrangements. I’m sure our listeners would be surprised and excited when the release came out.          

MWZ: Who usually writes the music and who the lyrics in your band
Monumentum Damnati:
Abhoth is responsible for all the music and arrangements. Lyrics for the debut album also was written by Abhoth, but in the upcoming release I will take care about the lyrics, though we discuss the concept and themes together.    

MWZ: How have the opinions for “In the tomb of a forgotten king” been so far from the public and the specialized press?
Monumentum Damnati:
Quite good actually, we were surprised to receive so much positive feedback about the album both from metal webzines and the public. A lot of people pay respect not only for the music or vocals, but also for a great album production, which was made by Fillipos Koliopanos, known by doom metal bands such as Ocean Of Grief and On Thorns I Lay. We’re really happy that the album has found its listeners and keeps spreading towards the metal community.            

MWZ: You have chosen not to reveal your faces and to use masks, why?
Monumentum Damnati:
Let me explain something, the circumstances which brought us together, I mean Abhoth and me, was very peculiar, we managed to end up at the psychiatric hospital. And that helped us to develop this odd visual concept along with spooky musical aspects. We don’t want to ruin the mystic atmosphere by showing our faces, and to be honest we both don’t really like attention for our personalities. Our music is all that matters.  
MWZ: I couldn’t understand the area you come from, do we want to talk about it? How is the music scene here?
Monumentum Damnati:
That’s the tricky question, because I consider myself as a cosmopolitan and often change a place to live. Whatsoever, I travel a lot and can tell you that in any corner of this earth we could find terrific artists with really magnificent music. Not only professional or new underground bands, but also very talented and creative street musicians. Once I met an Australian guy who made a didgeridoo from some plastic tube and vacuum cleaner

MWZ: How would you describe your sound and what kind of audience do you think it can be more targeted?
Monumentum Damnati:
Our debut album “In The Tomb Of A Forgotten King” mainly focused around Melodic Doom and Dark Metal, but we also added some elements from death metal and symphonic music. I think people who prefer something heavy and melodic will find this record attractive.  

MWZ: As a last question I leave the floor to you. A greeting!
Monumentum Damnati:
I want to thank you for an interest in our band and support you giving us. Thanks to all our listeners and to all the readers who might find our band worth checking out. So long! 

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