Mordian release the cover of “Sally’s Lament”

Following her ethereal single “January Moon” in June, MORDIAN returns to haunt the Halloween season with her chilling rendition of “Sally’s Lament” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Her voice is joined by the hypnotic crooning of David Dubenic (DISSONA) as Jack Skellington. Take a walk through the pumpkin patch as they serenade you with this classic tune from the iconic film.

“This cover is my tribute to a film that was a huge part of my childhood, with my own twist on it. Having David Dubenic portray Jack made everything come together perfectly. It was a lot of fun to create and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

MORDIAN has been winning hearts since her debut album, Romance In Disguise (2019). With her alluring voice she has crafted a unique musical approach she calls “Gothic-Alternative For The Darkened Heart.” Fans of gothic, Victorian, and metal music alike will find irresistible charm in her songs.

Her voice is chillingly apt when applied to her own version of “Sally’s Lament”. Breathlessly, the listener is carried along on her sorrow, until it is joined by David Dubenic’s heartbreaking interpretation of Jack’s verses. Their voices then unite in a final goosebump-inducing outcry of longing, and pure Halloween charm.

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