Morgurth – “Blood Eagle” [Ghost Record]

Dirty and scratched, ready to be drunk very easily even if it were the classic and providential glass of water. “Blood Eagle” is the new album by Morgurth, an effective solid project that highlights the “usual homework” done damn well.

Morgurth always manages to find his ways, his outlets to get to the pre-established point, and if you love everything that brings to mind the good Nordic Black Metal, this new work by the Italian One Man Band will only please you without reservations.

With this new chapter, precious and not at all simple to exhibit filaments (mouth-watering stuff) are touched, all in the space of 42 solid and inspired minutes. Each song deserves its space and carries forward an overall discourse that every lover of healthy Nordic Black Metal can use to their liking.

Morgurth makes use of the collaboration of a line up that performs its duty of accompaniment without the need for further structural additions, but completing the picture in an excellent way.

“Blood Eagle” is solid, loaded, bad enough to be fully appreciated.

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