Mrakomor – “Svit Neonů” [Self Released]

Czech black metal project established 2006. 2006-2009 active mainly in czech underground. Songs were released on tapes. After 2009 Mrakomor was in hibernation. In 2023 after 13 years was released first official Ep V Dekádách Dekadence (In Decades Of Decadence) with 5 songs. Mrakomor is slow melancholic black metal. Mainly influenced by Burzum. Mrakomor is emotional Burzum-like underground black metal. Its solo project, Mrakomor is main artist.

“Svit Neonů”, Mrakomor ‘s new single , amazes positively for its powerful and energy managing to involve and drag the listener towards dimensions made of intense and positive vibrations.

A notable sonic impact created thanks to the good synergy between rough guitars and aggressive rhythm section all well blended by a voice that enhances the general potential of the band.
A clear sign of how the underground music is still full of interesting proposals, with an eye to not falling into the usual cauldron of trivial ideas.

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