My Burning Daylight – “Speechless” [Self released]

My Burning Daylight is a rock/metal solo project of Dmitry Novox (ex. Demon Project – a melodeath band)

With this new single, the artist tries to push musical boundaries in both directions – to a sentimental and calm melody in the beginning and to a nervous broken rhythm in the second part, although still melodic, and it ends with the initial tune, but in a heavier style.

“Speechless” is a track that places us in front of an engaging and overwhelming general metric, well enhanced by an overall atmospheric structure that offers fluid riffs, with a section of sounds that offer dynamic metrics that in our opinion are well placed to keep listening alive and pulsating.

“Speechless” convinces for the simplicity and naturalness with which it is played and proposed, with that large dose of soft sounds that alternate with more energetic riffs, which make listening even more original and intense. This new single confirms that we are going on the right path.

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