Nemesis Inferi signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the album “The Mowing Devil”

Modern Heavy Metal Veterans NEMESIS INFERI signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the album “The Mowing Devil”, due for release in 2023. More info coming soon!

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jaime Gomez Arellano ( Ghost, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Behemoth, Cathedral, Solstafir ) at his Orgone studios in Woburn ( England ), The Mowing Devil is the fifth album by Nemesis Inferi and marks a clear return to metal sounds after the more rock turn of the previous A Bad Mess. A powerful and modern sound that highlights the new lineup with the new additions of Caruso and Di Rosa, drums, and vocals respectively.

Nemesis Inferi is an Italian modern Heavy Metal band from Bergamo, Lombardia. Formed in 1997, The band comprises vocalist Alessandro Di Rosa, guitarists G.M. Gain and Fabio Bergamelli, bassist Daniel Battaglia and drummer Matteo Caruso. After a couple of “promos”, pt1 and pt2 (1997-1999) the band’s debut album “Sins of Eden was their first official release in July 1999.
In 2003 the Band released “somewhere in darkness” And a Demo called “Reborn of Fire” in 2007 . The band released “Another Kind of Evil” in June 2009, Its sixth studio work, and its remastered version in 2010.
2015 is a good year for the band, and through some changings in the team, the band Releases “Natural Selection” a violent album that contains singles such as “Sneak Eye”.
The big step happens in 2018, producing an Album with Jaime Gomez Arellano ( Behemot, ghost, paradise lost, Ulver, mayhem, and more) entitled “A Bad Mess”.
Containing singles such as “Hate My Name” and “Anything Anymore”. In 2021 the Band comes back to Orgone studios in Woburn, Uk, to record “ The Mowing Devil” their last studio effort, always produced by the talented Arellano. It will be a nest for some very good singles such as “Eternal Static” or “Numbing Existence”. In this last album, the band mixes classical modern metal elements with some Swedish riffing and groove metal breakdowns, switching from melodic parts to violent and heavy parts, Singing about the nihilistic vision of a crumbling and frail human condition.

Line up:
Alessandro Manomorta : Vocals
G.M. Gain: Guitar
Fabio Bergamelli: Guitar
Daniel Battaglia: Bass
Matteo Caruso: Drums


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