New album and video for post metal band Kultika

Romanian Post Metal quintet KULTIKA just release their highly anticipated new album, Capricorn Wolves, in collaboration with Loud Rage Music, and at the same time the band worked with Alexandru Das to present a new video for the track A Fixed Reality for Prometheus’ Identity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWV34FnbM98), one of the 6 titles featured on Capricorn Wolves.

A 12″LP black vinyl version of Capricorn Wolves limited to only 100 copies is scheduled for February 15th and still available for pre-ordering here: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/kultika-capricorn-wolves-lp

Capricorn Wolves was recorded in DSP Studio Timisoara with Attila Lukinich (drums recorded at Joylive Sound Studio by Sergiu Nadaban), mixed and mastered at Consonance Studio by Andrei Jumuga, and the graphic part of it (from cover, to booklet, to video) was handled by Alexandru Das.

About the concept

This album refers to an existential question upon the reality we live in: what is real and what is simulation, what is tangible and what in eerie.
“The time is measured only by the humans”, “the time does not exist” are collective conscience affirmations about measurements and reporting and it is extremely fascinating for us to understand this concepts.

About the title

The album title:”Capricorn Wolves” presents two elements: an astral and spiritual part, an annual renewal constellation at the end of time, and “wolves” that impersonate the world and society we live in, that dictates everything like in a dystopia: moral conventions, religion, food, technology…altering the ancestral purity of the soul and the primordial freedom of the people, handcuffing in something foreseeable, under order and predictable. It is somehow the central theme of this album unfolded in about 47 minutes.

About the music

Musically speaking, the horizon broadened into long instrumental passages, experimenting with a 70’s progressive and psychedelic infusion into our classic roots of Post / Sludge / Black Metal, gathering in the end a strange and hermetic mix-up that has its own style.

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