New York City’s Witnesses, will release their album IV on vinyl March 18

New York City’s WITNESSES will release their album IV on vinyl March 18, 2022. IV, takes the listener on an ambiguous and mysterious journey through Nordic-inspired landscapes. While IV is heavily story-based it is primarily instrumental, opening up a realm of interpretative possibilities for the listener.

“Releasing IV on vinyl is a milestone for WITNESSES and something of a dream come true. It was hard to select an album for this treatment, but the overall mood and dynamics of IV were the right choice. The mastering by Joe Lambert brings out the depth and range in a way that only vinyl can create.”

WITNESS came into being in 2015 through a desire from founder Greg to delve into something with a multi-genre approach through a non-traditional band structure. The accompanying visual artwork sees the project deliver a multisensory experience. An otherworldly atmosphere emerges from the bows of lush strings in IV. Ethereal pads, sparse guitar arrangements, and the orchestration combine beautifully to produce a vast and, in places eerie, sound. The opening prelude “the first snow” offers a tantalising taste through a sparse soundscape which flows and grows as the album progresses to the haunting conclusion “the healthy and optimistic among us will doom…”. WITNESSES elevate their music by introducing the soulful texture of saxophone melodies and occasional vocal passages containing Danish lyrics. The unexpected materialisation and evanescent nature of these elements makes the album all the more intriguing.

IV ventures through a boundless space of escapism. Each track brings a new twist or turn in the musical progression, enticing further into the sense of vastness. WITNESSES conjure spectacular moods through the composition depicting emotions and ideas with an impressionistic edge.

Pre-order: https://witnesses-nyc.bandcamp.com/album/iv

Greg: NYC

Guest/Session Musicians:
Matt Kozar: Maryland
Gabbi Coenen: LA
MALMØ: Denmark
Jørgen Munkeby: Norway

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