Nir Berman – “Silent answer” [Self Released]

Nir Berman is a talented singer-songwriter hailing from southern Israel. Throughout his journey, he has passionately penned & composed heartfelt melodies that delve into his personal struggles with PTSD, capturing the various dimensions it encompasses in life.

“Silent answer”, sounds like a classic Alternative Rock, well enhanced by a strong voice , something decidedly original, engaging and overwhelming, a proposal that can be listened to with extreme ease and naturalness.

A dynamic trend where technic and body blend together thanks to a good glue made of refined sounds well adapted to the musical context that embellish the listening.
A listening that reveals good technical and compositional skills, and that demonstrates how Nir Berman knows how to move with familiarity in their musical environment.

“Silent answer”, lays the foundations on really spot on metrics and riffs, managing to dose a mass of sounds that give concreteness and a sound mature enough to get noticed and appreciated.

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