Norwegian Rock’n’Roll Tornados Duck Walk Chuck Sign With Wormholedeath

Norwegian Rock’n’Roll band DUCKWALK CHUCK have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their album “Fired Up”, due for re-release on June 17th, 2022. The band stated:
Duckwalk Chuck are extremely excited and happy to announce that we have signed a worldwide distribution deal with WormHoleDeath – for the re-release of our latest album “Fired Up” that will include 2 additional tracks “Cold Hard Love” & “Nothing Left”.
Fired Up is probably somewhat more varied in its expression musically than the previous releases from the band. The quality of the production has also got a massive boost, compared to the 2017 release of “High Speed City”.
The album cover art was once again done by the amazing Ole Andre Hauge, who has done a phenomenal job! With countless references to the band’s history; where the cover is also a continuation from the cover art of «High Speed city».
During Easter 2021, there were enough restriction reliefs regarding Covid; that we could book studio time to start tracking for the album. And like the recording of “High Speed” as well as the singles “Cold Hard Love” & “Nothing Left” from 2018, we chose to work with Producer and technician Bjørn Erik Sørensen at Artbeat Studio. Bjørn Erik ones again did an awesome job to push the band both musically and sonically. Which has really given the sound and expression of this album an incredible boost with loads of punch.
We continue with the grand old recipe of  Straight in your face, good-time rock`n`roll;
This album should come with a WARNING sticker! As It packs THAT much of a punch! – the album is filled to the brim with great riffs, infectious grooves, solid vocals, and tunes that will sink in immediately! Absolutely nothing has been left to chance on this album – with an awesome production “Fired Up” delivers straight up SOLID Rock N` Roll, with tongue in cheek lyrics!
So let`s get this party kickstarted with the re-release Fired Up through WormHoleDeath! Go stream it, buy it, share it, fondle it – whatever your heart desires; just do it LOUD! Duckwalk Chuck is a Norwegian band that plays hard, uncompromising rock`n`roll, where absolutely nothing is left to chance. Straight forward and in your face! Exactly as hard, gritty rock`n`roll should be delivered: With loads of attitude, well-crafted tunes, powerful riffs and great choruses that will embed in your brain instantly. The band was established back in 2001, the band consist of experienced players that have honed their craft and musicianship for decades in the genre of rock `n` roll. Duckwalk has been an active live band over the years; playing multiple stages throughout Norway; as well as shared stage with bands like The Carburetors, Backstreet Girls, Bonafide, The Quireboys and Nashville Pussy to name a few.

Line up
Vocal and Bass – Arvid Thorsen
Guitar – Håkon Rønneberg
Guitar – Arild Rettore
Drums – Tord Eiken
Cover & Tracklist
cover_firedup_front_1600_s 1. All Fired Up
2. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
3. Motor Madness
4. Ghost Town
5. Rosie’s
6. Reckless Driver
7. Shut Your Lights
8. I’m The Devil
9. Criminal Man
10. World On Fire
11. Thirsty Dog (Bonus Track)
12. Cold Hard Love (Bonus Track)
13. Nothing Left (Bonus Track)

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