Nür – “Negative Transfer” [Suicide Records]

“Negative Transfer”, is Nür’s new three-track Ep, which follows their first Ep, “Light Emerges” from 2019 and shows a remarkable progression, a proposal that showcases a fascinating cross between post-metal and heavy sludge.

Fueled by the experiences of their daily life, Nür channeled all their feelings and frustrations into this “Negative Transfer”, resulting in a cathartic and intense emotional effort filled with dense heavy riffs and anguished vocals.

Sharp guitars, already from the open track “Ein Junes”, where an aggressive voice blends with a rhythmic section, simple but which completes a really aggressive picture. “The Snake” the central piece, is a proposal with a notable sonic impact, in which you can appreciate a good dynamics, by means of various and melodic structures, which make listening even more interesting.

“Negative Transfer” ends with “Klala”, about five minutes where the band intensifies the sound with a captivating song with an overwhelming atmosphere, where the concentration of heavy sludge is best expressed.
A short release, but certainly with great potential that will not struggle to capture the attention of lovers of this dark and damn beautiful genre.



  1. Ein Junes
  2. The Snake
  3. Klala

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