“Obedience”, out the first single of Bioscrape

The pandemic did not stop the work of Bioscrape who released the first of the two singles that anticipate the release of the new album scheduled for this summer. “Obedience”, this is the title of the first single, is available digitally via The Orchad [by Sony] and on the Sony Catalog. For the occasion, the band, thanks to the collaboration with Matteo Grandi, also made the video of the song, available on Sony’s VEVO channel-

BIOSCRAPE is an alternative groove metal band from Biella (IT), that was born in 2006.
BIOSCRAPE’s sound is a mixture of genres, from Thash metal, to Nu metal and Hardcore. Scream and Growl voice glues the heavy sounding musical elements to the electronics sounds, reminding of bands like Pantera, Slipknot, Fear Factory and Lamb of God. Live BIOSCRAPE offer strong-impact concerts. Every BIOSCRAPE’s album has a concept, telling a different story in each studio work. Lyrics are concept-based.

Line Up:
Jack – lead vocals
Simo – guitar
V – drums

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