Of Love and Lust (OLAL) – “Insane Desire” [Self Released]

Insane Desire is the latest of two OLAL releases quickly growing in popularity across Germany, Spain, Norway, Austria, the US, and the UK. Insane Desire mixes digital and analog synths, guitars, and vocals with samples recorded with the Barnaby 3D Audio microphone. Insane Desire was mixed by Gareth Jones in his London studio, blending modern EDM with an eighties synth pop vibe. Insane Desire comes on the heels of OLAL’s other recent single, Spot.

Of Love and Lust (OLAL) features band members in four countries: Rush in Berlin, Germany; Kuzman in Skopje, Macedonia; Gareth Jones in London, England; Christie in Santa Cruz, California; Alex Baum in Asheville, North Carolina; and Skunk in Tucson, Arizona.

Gareth Jones is well known for engineering and producing top albums for artists including Depeche Mode, Erasure, Interpol, Grizzly Bear, and Nick Cave.

This new song offers a minimalist approach to the modern elettro ambient. An enthralling journey full of melodic sounds that blend with more particular and refined riffs, typical of the genre with the intent, in our opinion, to make the atmosphere fluid by means of synths and sampled sounds that enhance and in some circumstances cut the sound without hurting but rather caressing, leaving a good sign right from the start so as to give the listener sounds rich in dynamics.

A proposal that manages to be incisive and pleasant to listen to and that denotes how the Of Love and Lust knows how to convey passion and positive sensations with the minimum use of equipment, because in the end the simplest ones are the most difficult to make, but in this even the most successful ones.

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