Of Love and Lust – OLAL – Spot (Fitz Mix) [Self Released]

With this new single, Of Love and Lust – OLAL demonstrate that they know how to move in their Alt. Rock environment, too often navigated by banal and obvious proposals, while in this case we are faced with a proposal, careful not to overlook any detail to propose a track that wins and convinces.

Energetic guitars that intertwine with a simple but effective drum section, well enhanced and blended by an intense and deep vocal line. “Spot (Fitz Mix)” is a song that deserves attention especially for lovers of pure and simple Alternative Rock,

Produced by Gareth Jones, Spot (Fitz Mix) is a bluesy, alternative rock version of the previously released electronic single “Spot” (also out now) but this version is only slightly electronic and has a unique texture combining a 1950s and modern 2023 feel. Spot (Fitz Mix) is much more bluesy than the electronic version, and sung by its original songwriter the brilliant, late John “Fitz” Burton! Fitz recorded this shortly before he passed away in 2022. Lots of people are already loving this catchy, bluesy tribute to the song’s songwriter as much (or more) than the original Spot single release. All proceeds from SPOT are being donated by OLAL to the international animal rescue charity Rescue Me! ( www.RescueMe.org ).

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