Ohmwork – “Pareidolia” [Rob Mules Records]

Founded in 2012, Ohmwork have released four albums and an EP, “Pareidolia” their fifth work, which in terms of sound is the continuation of the previous works, offering forty minutes of excellent powerful and aggressive music.

A good mix where the drum riffs are intertwined with energetic guitars and a vocal line that gives a good dynamic to the listening, offering soft and melodic structures that leave room for more gritty moments.
The nine tracks contained in this new work confirm the excellent skills of the Norwegian duo regarding original music and well cared for in detail, both for the excellent recording quality, thanks to the excellent work done by the renowned Strand Studio in Oslo.

In the new album, the duo wanted to give more variety and contrast to the songs and Ohmwork’s skill was to give with “Pareidolia”, a remarkable sonic impact that lovers of the genre and those who follow the band will not struggle to appreciate. and enjoy until the last note.



Born from Black
Liquid Fire
Mental Meltdown
The Giver
The Noise in My Head
Hill of Tara
Blood Snow
Apocalyptic Now

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