Old Man Wizard release new song “I Wanna Know”

Old school rockers OLD MAN WIZARD have released their song “I Wanna Know” via The Ripple Effect. The song is taken from their upcoming album Kill Your Servants which will be released on November 5 2021.

Frontman Francis Roberts commented “This is probably one of the weirder OLD MAN WIZARD songs, not because it’s especially weird as a song, but because it doesn’t really sound like OLD MAN WIZARD to my ear. This song was really heavily inspired by a few Japanese and South Korean pop groups, garage rock, and recognizing that the result of that inevitably sounds a bit like pop punk, so intentionally avoiding pop punk style drums or vocals. I think the result sounds like a low budget demo of THE STROKES covering a TWICE song. I think the lyrics are pretty straightforward; The song is about hypocrisy, abuse of power, and conflation of morality and religious belief. This is probably the last thing anyone expected us to release, but I hope you like it anyway! “

Listen: https://ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2021/09/old-man-wizard-premieres-new-single-i.html

Pre-order: https://oldmanwizard.com/album/kill-your-servants-quietly

Old Man Wizard is:
Francis Roberts – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Samplers
Andre Beller – Background Vocals, Bass Guitar, Violin
Kris Calabio – Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion

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