Ominous Eclipse – “Eclipse” (Single – Self Release)

“Eclipse” is the new single from Ominous Eclipse, created on the occasion of the quarantine. An eleven-minute song with a scratchy atmosphere where the deep and suffused voice turns into a more aggressive and energetic vocal line, as we reach the end of the song.
This single features interesting dynamic ideas that make it a complex and technically impeccable track. Whirling guitar riffs accompany a rhythmic section that delights us with sudden changes of tempo, so as to pleasantly displace the listener. “Eclipse” is a song that also gives more melodic, almost melancholic moments, thus giving dynamism to the whole journey. And it is precisely this dynamic that manages not to tire even though we are talking about eleven minutes. A journey that ends with the desire to start over to never have to stop. Well done the Ominous Eclipse who have been able to make the most of this period of forced isolation.


  1. “Eclipse”


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