Ötzi – “Storm” (Artoffact Records)

American post-punk band (California) that proposes in the new album entitled “Storm” an explosive post-punk, on the length of ten tracks. The all-female trio Ötzi, immediately makes it clear that even the fairer sex is endowed with determination and energy, showing off a noteworthy sound, assembled with full-bodied and melodic “Moths” guitars, and rougher riffs “Hold Still “to name a few. A sound inspired by sacred monsters such as The Chameleons, Deerhoof, Modern English and She Past Away. “Storm” is a full-bodied, dynamic album, made of rough structures that alternate with lighter moments and atmospheres all well placed by an intense and well-prepared vocal line.
There are no extreme peaks of adrenaline, but it keeps everything very linear. The Ötzi, demonstrate a good technical mastery and synergy that allows him to build a particular sound that gives as a final result a beautiful project more unique than rare and which silences those who think they listen to the usual soup.



  1. Moths
  2. Hold Still
  3. Tunnels
  4. Scorpio
  5. Ballad of Oiwa
  6. Contagious
  7. Eight Cups
  8. Outer Bounds
  9. 15 Stars
  10. Storm

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