Pandemonium Carnival – “Pandemonium Carnival II” [Ghost Record]

In the new album by the Italians band Pandemonium Carnival, Pandemonium Carnival II, there are classic riffs and metrics of Punk Rock among the 80s and 90s. A performance in the individual songs where power and energy are highlighted, characteristics that make listening in general very enthralling and smooth. The voice, in the context, has a lived-in tone, harsh and a little vitriolic. Pandemonium Carnival perform purely Punk Rock sounds, also allowing good crossover episodes, which do not distract the listening attention.

It is therefore difficult to classify the band in a single genre, but in all the tracks that make up the album you can hear excellent ideas that make this album a simple, incisive and charged proposal.

An evidently fluid general musicality. In any case, some songs are even more elaborate than the others. The Punk Rock tone, as already written at the beginning, places at the center a texture of riffs that unrolls over the distance and with well-inserted rhythmic support, which completes the circle.

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