Paradise – Self-Titled (Vega Musique)

Lovers of Queens of The Stone Age, KYUSS, Foo Fighters, should not miss this new Paradise work of the same name.
The quintet of Montreal (Canada), proposes an intense and energetic Rock on ten tracks. An apparently long and tiring journey but that already from the first listening is really exciting and full of original ideas although reference has been made to thick bands.
Guitars that scratch the air, rhythmic sections that enhance the atmosphere strengthened by an aggressive vocal line, all well blended and made even more full-bodied by a bass line decided and well set up to make its beautiful contribution to this beautiful project. There is no lack of lighter situations but always without leaving the intense and winning rock “One Of A King”. Paradise give us a compelling album beautiful to listen to and with a devastating sound impact.

01 Straight From Hell
02 Hitting On All Sixes
03 Who Do You Wanna Be
04 One Of A Kind
05 Never Cry Again
06 Low Down And Shaking
07 Barn Burner
08 Long Gone
09 Away From You
10 Free In Exile



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