Petrolio’s new video “Agua Y Tierra” out now

“2818 days 4 Presidents: Videla, Viola, Galtieri and Bignone 340 clandestine detention centres. More than 200 songs of Argentinian and foreigner artists as well as more than 200 international and 130 Argentinian movies were prohibited. More than 600 books, including many children’s books, got censored 14000 military personnel were sent to the Falklands war. 649 soldiers died and 350 veterans committed suicide”

The video for Agua Y Tierra, taken from Petrolio’s new EP Club Atletico, is out today. Directed by Petrolio, it is a composition of images which recall the gloomy and anxious atmosphere of the detention centres established in Argentina during the Dirty War in order to torture political dissenters.

The EP, inspired by Marco Bechis’ movies on the Dirty War, was released on March 5 via Depths Records and is named after one of the detention centres established by the Argentine dictatorial regime. The 4 tracks explore the tragedies and tortures carried out in the name of the regime inside the detention centres and translate the obsessed atmosphere of the centres into the sonic landscape.

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