Polish Groove/Thrash Metal Band Deceaded sign with Wormholedeath

Polish Groove/Thrash Metal quartet DECEADED have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “The Sole Destroyer”, due for release on April 22nd, 2022 worldwide.

Signing statement
Every dream has its beginning, has its end, it needs time, mistakes, action and does not come true right away. You go step by step, achieving smaller goals leading to bigger ones. Today, we would like to proudly announce the achievement of just a major one. Deceaded have signed contract with Italian label Wormholedeath. The Sole Destroyer has been given the unique opportunity to spread around the world via The Orchard Inc. / Sony Music Ent. Now, the story begins.

“The Sole Destroyer”
First album of the band, The Sole Destroyer is the essence of anger and frustration, it’s aggressive, loud and straightforward. Hard and melodic riffs, groovy drum beats, punchy bass lines, expressive and complex vocals make The Sole Destroyer an authentic experience. Lyrics focus on disaster, stupidity and mistakes of human race. It also warn about future of the planet and consequences of our behaviour as society.

Deceaded is a Polish band established in 2017. After almost 4 years the band saw the light of day with their single “The Edge” promoting their debut album titled “The Sole Destroyer”, containing elements of thrash, nu, groove and alternative metal. It’s pure energy, full of anger, frustration and hope – a four piece machine ready to show you the metal’s genuine essence. Hard and melodic riffs, groovy drum beats, punchy bass lines, expressive and complex vocals – that’s Deceaded. Their power lies in their age, huge amounts of energy, strength, ideas, and anger. All these elements give an extraordinary sense of authenticity to what the band represents. And they have a lot to share. Their live performances are full of raw energy, at times almost theatrical, described by some as performances resembling “American like concerts”. The band’s outfits, music, lyrics and aesthetics create a remarkably cohesive and compelling story, as evident on “The Sole Destroyer” debut album, which also leaves plenty of room for continuation. We are prisoners of the broken system as the entire human race, but we are sick of it.

We’re going to spread our truth as widely as we can.
If you are sick of this world, as much as we are…Our story may interest you.

Bojda Kacper
Bober Mateusz
Pałysiewicz Jakub
Zieliński Maksymilian

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