Progressive metal ambassador EGRES releases their new, explosive single “Higher Beings”

Helsinki-based progressive metal ambassador EGRES has released their highly anticipated new single, “Higher Beings”. The band, known for their debut album “Introspection” released in June 2022, is taking their style in an even grander direction. The new single features half of the band members as lead vocalists, including Juuso Tolonen and Tristan Lumme, who have previously been singing the backing vocals. “Higher Beings” is more diverse than its predecessors, perhaps even heavier, and it offers listeners a breathtaking experience that doesn’t reveal all its hooks upon the first listen.

The composer, Pekka Virtanen, shares:
“What a journey, both in terms of the song itself and its creation process. The initial demo for the song was born sometime in the early spring of 2021, around the same time that we were rehearsing the songs for our debut album. Back then, the song was a strong promise that there will be life after ”Introspection”.

The making of ”Higher Beings” was a very arduous process. At some point it felt like it just wouldn’t fall into place at all. There were moments when I temporarily lost hope, but thankfully, my bandmates and producer Mikko Aaltio brought the light back. ”Higher Beings” is still, for me, that nightmarish rollercoaster that is scary but somehow keeps luring you back in, again and again. An incredible journey, every single time.

”Higher Beings” may potentially offer a glimpse of the band’s future direction and the diverse potential brewing within the group.”

Listen to the single on music services: https://push.fm/fl/egres-higherbeings

The central theme of the song is an individual’s awakening to an unhealthy hierarchy, and the dialogue is carried by three different characters. For Hanna Lahtinen, who is responsible for the lyrics, “Higher Beings” is the first song with EGRES. Lahtinen comments:

“”Higher Beings” is the first song I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of creating. Just two years ago, I only dreamed of being in the band and played with the idea of hearing my own singing recorded. The recording process was intricate and rewarding, and the biggest thanks for that goes to Helena Haaparanta, who knew how to pull the right strings in the studio.”

The single had notable Finnish professionals contributing to its production. The mixing was handled by Topias Kupiainen, known for his work with the band Arion. The mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck, who has collaborated with bands like Apocalyptica and Rammstein. Making his debut as a producer for EGRES, Mikko Aaltio, a versatile musician and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with artists like Tiisu, played a crucial role in the project. Aaltio was also responsible for the song’s orchestration. Helena Haaparanta, known for her involvement with bands like Crimfall and Tacere, served as the vocal producer.

EGRES is embarking on a small tour in celebration of their new single, with confirmed dates as follows:
November 15th: Bar Loose, Helsinki
November 25th: Skenesali, Vantaa
March 28th: Tapper, Tallinn

EGRES lineup consists of:
Hanna Lahtinen, vocals
Tristan Lumme, piano & vocals
Pekka Virtanen, bass
Vilma Peltokangas, cello
Tommi Nissinen, drums
Juuso Tolonen, guitar & vocals

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