Proxy (Pop Punk) new single/video “Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey”

Nashville based Pop Punk/Rock solo artist Proxy is releasing their latest single “Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey” Friday March 11th and premiering the video on V13 Friday March 12th. The song itself consists of an insanely energetic and nostalgic feeling of pop punk/punk rock that any generation familiar with the scene will immediately attach too.

“Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey” is about the longing feeling of wanting to grow past where you have been your entire life. Feeling bored of the old and needing new experiences.

I wrote it from the perspective of someone who wants to die somewhere more beautiful and pleasant looking than a place they are no longer bound to. It’s the age old pop punk theme of hating your hometown with a morbid spin.” – Ryan Stolinski

Hailing from Philadelphia and now based in Nashville, Proxy’s brand of high energy pop punk/post hardcore seeks to leave you feeling full of hype. Catchy choruses and an in your face sound, you can’t help but catch a buzz. Insightful and humorous lyrics about life and everything in between. Birthed from the mind of singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Stolinski. He wrote/recorded/mixed and played everything on the self titled Ep. A one man band so to speak. When he’s not busy writing new Proxy songs, he’s probably off writing music in his other projects spanning many genres. Truth Hertz(pop), Bedroom Eyes (indie rock), Boodha(rap) Proxy is here to prove you don’t need Travis Barker to make good pop punk.

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