Quebec Death Metal Trio Obvurt, release video of elementary school performance

Death Metal trio OBVURT has released a video of its performance at Saint-Albert-Le-Grand Elementary School. Guitarist and music teacher Phillippe Drouin, who re-learned the instrument using his left hand after a car accident robbed his picking ability, explains:

“The physical education teacher and school principal introduced me to this idea. He was thinking about a party to celebrate the end of the school year by doing a show in the school backyard where Philippe teaches music. He knew about the release of Obvurt – The Beginning on March 31, and thought about the idea to bring Obvurt – The Beginning to life in the school backyard.
I wasn’t sure at first, it was strange to me. But all the kids knew about the fact that I switched to left handed and released something before the pandemic started. That show became a big surprise when the kids recognized the musicians and the Obvurt logo on the amp.
The kids really enjoyed the performance, which was very inspiring to us and we were pleased to release this unique performance video on June 23.”

Initially, OBVURT was a solo project created by Philippe Drouin. In 2016 he was victim of a car accident, which injured his right wrist and prevented him from playing the guitar. Despite undergoing multiple medical operations, Philippe was not able to get his dexterity back. Even when facing adversity, he refused to give up on himself or on the guitar skills he had been perfecting for 15 years.

In 2018, he decided to buy a left-handed guitar, despite being right handed. With the help of Michael Angelo Batio, and because he kept practicing, Phil was able to come up with his very first songs.

OBVURT was formed in 2020 in Québec. Band members are: Philippe Drouin
(EX-UNBREAKABLE HATRED, EX-VITIATED), Olivier Pinard (CATTLE DECAPITATION, CRYPTOPSY) and Samuel Santiago (AGONY, EX-GOROD). Philippe was the one who came up with the name OBVURT, which relates to his particular turn of fate. OBVURT stands for Obvert (to oppose) and Hurt (to wound). In august 2020 the band recorded their first EP, The Beginning, with Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY) at The Grid Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude Dm
  2. Osteophyte
  3. The First Light
  4. Obverted*
  5. Scars of War
  6. The End

*Guest guitar solo by Michael Angelo Batio

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