Re-Armed release acoustic version of “Beyond The Horizon” from the upcoming anniversary EP with video

Finnish melodic death metal act RE-ARMED have released a new acoustic version and music video for “Beyond the Horizon”. The track was originally released on 2020 to “Ignis Aeternum” -album (released: Black Lion Records), and it kind of guided the band to new direction in musically and thematically. Now the song gets new flesh around its bones for example with featuring female vocalist Mirva Saviniemi. Their upcoming 20th anniversary EP “XX”, will be out on 27 January 2022 worldwide via Inverse Records.

The band comments on the new version:
‘We simply wanted to transform our strongest song into an acoustic version. The song maintains the same melancholy as original version, but instead of blasting and bursting the expression leans on ambients and clean vocals. Mirva’s vocals are dominant and works nicely together with Jouni’s clean vocals – not forgetting Oskari’s great vocal stems. This combination definitely lifted this song to another level. We simply wanted to show with this version that we are not carved from one metal sheet and this version proves that we can basically do whatever comes to our minds in a creative sense. The track is perfect fit to our upcoming 20 Years Anniversary EP release.’

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