Revoltone has released a new single “Who Do We Think We Are”

Finnish melodic punk rock band Revoltone has released a new single “Who Do We Think We Are”. The song is about the state of the world in 2020 as inequality is still a matter that people face every day, and honest appreciation towards other human beings seems to be a bit too uncommon thing to face.

Revoltone backgrounds the release: “The song is about how the world suffering with racism, discrimination and unequality still in 2020. How can it be so hard to learn from history, listen and respect others regardless of their gender, culture, religion or sexuality?
Who Do We Think We Are – questions the issue that who is wrong or right? How has the right to decide that?”

Revoltone members have a colorful history with music and different bands. They have tons of experience with playing sweaty gigs, raw tours and recording songs for various albums. Revoltone is a four peace with current and ex-members from bands like Fumble, One Morning Left, Dashbone. All this has driven us to give birth to the message and the sound of Revoltone.

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