Revolution Above Disorder – “Illuminate” [Jacknife Sound]

Debut Ep for Revolution Above Disorder postpunk / nugaze / electro artist artist who publishes for Jacknife SOund the new work entitled “Illuminate”.
Three tracks produced, mixed and mastered at Jacknife Sound by Jason Corbett of ACTORS.
Post punk atmospheres that merge with electronic music riffs, creating a general sound with timid psychedelic grafts. A listen of about ten minutes well enhanced by a rough voice that amplifies the listening. Revolution Above Disorder, gives more refined moments by inserting synth-based details and sampled sounds that make this debut something original and pleasant to listen to.

“Illuminate’ is the song that kickstarted Revolution Above Disorder. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I’d just come off a European tour with Magic Shoppe and I found myself having to cancel scheduled plans with The Orange Kyte. In my downtime I began to reevaluate where I was headed musically and I realized I’d become dissatisfied with what I’d been doing. As I searched through old demos from the past, some going back over a decade, I was excited to hear songs with real potential that either I’d abandoned or just plain forgotten about. I grew interested in the idea of this modern day version of myself collaborating with my chaotic and directionless former self. I wanted to finish what I’d started many years prior. ‘Illuminate’ was the first one I needed to record,” says Stephen Nicholas White.

This debut is nothing more than a song, proposed in three different versions.

On the first track we can savor “Illuminate” in its original powerful form, a euphoric post-punk / shoegaze single rooted in new wave and electro rock. The central song is the more dance version of the song produced by Delta Omega a.k.a. Conor Paxton of Dublin (House of Dolls, Buffalo Sunn, The Brothers Movement). The EP closes with an acoustic version of the song, which confirms the versatility and excellent potential of this artist who has been able to propose a song in three succulent forms.



  1. lluminate
  2. lluminate (Delta Omega Remix)
  3. lluminate (Acoustic)

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