Rough Grind launches a riff rocket

Finnish heavy rockers Rough Grind shoot for the sky with their second single from the upcoming new album, “Hardened” (Inverse Records). The new single is now out to light up the airwaves, and the album is due for release on 28 January 2022.

While the first single, “The Road Song”, was a stroll down the memory lane to revisit the age of hard rock giants, the second one is a modern metal juggernaut. Titled “Dreamchaser”, the new piece is a veritable riff rocket that will irresistibly take up permanent orbit inside your head.

Founded in 2011, Rough Grind’s resumé includes three EPs – “Son of a Gun” (2014), “Four for the Road” (2017) and “Trouble or Nothing” (2018) – and their debut album “Pieces of Resistance” was released in 2020. The releases have been well-received around the globe, getting airtime from radio stations in USA, Canada, UK and Germany, among others.

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