Runescarred, bleak fantasy worlds and brokenness of the human condition

RUNESCARRED have worked to polish their distinct Progressinve Power Thrash assault and confidently stand beside some of the biggest names in the genre. The dynamic voice of frontman Ven Scott guides the band from titanic highs to stunning lows and sees the group fusing the musical stylings of everyone from Lamb Of God to Iron Maiden.

Since their inception on June 27, 2017, RUNESCARRED have made a tremendous name for themselves. With features in Metal Hammer, Loudwire, Decibel and Power Play their worldwide notice is apparent. A powerhouse of a stage show, the band has already joined the stage with legends like Metal Church and Death Angel, as well as contemporary peers like Holy Grail.

Embracing the dark realities of humanity, RUNESCARRED’s music continues to explore bleak fantasy worlds and the brokenness of the human condition. Fusing groove with bombast, riffs with sonic poetry and destructive growls with transcendent cleans, there is something mesmerizing and powerful about RUNESCARRED. Just as likely to pull you into the pit as they are to bow a head in self-reflection, it’s hard not to be impressed by this Texas metal legion.

MWZ: Hi there, first of all, tell us something about Runescarred
Runescarred :
We are a merry band of goofballs who have been playing music for well over twenty years. Some of us have been in different projects with one another, others have projects who shared stages with the others’ projects. In general, we realize the state of affairs in the music industry and just aim to write and record (and hopefully play) for an audience!

MWZ: ‘The Distant Infinite’, is re-releasing with six brand new acoustic tracks
: We certainly are! Proud of ’em, too!

MWZ: How do you think this decision will be received by your fans ?
Runescarred :
I think they will be very appreciative. These aren’t just “unplugged” versions of songs. The re-visited tracks are arranged a bit differently and we had a blast stepping a tad outside the genre.

MWZ: Are you satisfied with your new re-edition ?
Runescarred :
Very. We were more than satisfied when it originally launched, but CVOID is a dick and we couldn’t push it much farther.

MWZ: Which bands have influenced your sound ?
Runescarred :
Amongst the group? All of them! From Muse, to Rush, to Slayer, to Loreena McKennitt, to Nevermore – it really runs the gamut.

MWZ: How has the music scene changed from when you started making music ?
Runescarred :
This opens the door for a very skeptic and jaded rant – but I will avoid that! Lets just say the means by which fans look for new music has changed drastically. The market is flooded with a ton of noise and it is hard to get notice. I think the advantage is that, in some ways, heavy metal is back to square one in the eighties. Notice relies on footwork, word of mouth and every now and then talent comes in to play! 🙂

MWZ: Tell us something about the Cover !
Runescarred :
Its Elton John’s “Madman Across the Water”! We didn’t deviate from its core and make an ironic cover. We really wanted to honor the original tune as best we could.

MWZ: That’s all!! greeted our readers with a message!
Runescarred :
Horns and hails – thank you for reader my babble! And remember – there are no guilty pleasures unless your pleasure hurts someone!

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