Schwerer Traum was formed in Hamburg in 1993. The band has been playing with the current line-up since 1999 and has developed a very interesting and varied style of Groove Metal, characterized by hard riffs, breaks, driving rhythms and sound harmonies. Creative variations of shouts and vocals make for very intense songs.

“PAATTHH”, is a nice proposal, which shows a good technical mastery in the genre to be proposed. Energetic and gritty general sound, with an aggressive and at the same time sharp vocal line that amalgamates the song very well thanks also to the good synergy that unites the band.
An intense and well-constructed general atmosphere where the dynamics make listening even more compelling and exalting.

A track that involves the listener by dragging him into a suggestive dimension that gives off excellent vibrations through scratchy guitars, which give a remarkable sound impact. The band certainly has excellent potential to be able to propose original and not at all obvious ideas, surprising the listener in a positive way, managing to give even more a beautiful injection of energy.

To listen and enjoy until the last note!!