Scream 3 Days – “Rhesus Negative” [Wormholedeath]

This debut album by Turin’s Scream 3 Days went a bit unnoticed and it’s a shame! Now let’s try to give credit to a band that really impressed us. Starting from a cover artwork as tacky as it is evocative, up to a songwriting of the highest level. This formation manages to revive the death and melodic black metal that was all the rage in the mid-90’s, with such exponents of the genre as Dissection, Dark Tranquility, Necrophobic and In Flames, but adds a heavy thrash metal touch that emerges in many episodes, among all “The First and the Last” and “Megiddo”.

In the rest of the album we have songs that alternate rocky mid tempos with guessed accelerations, as it happens in more tight episodes like “The First and the Last” and “Divine Spark – DNA”, while in closing we have a summary of all these characteristics with the over six minutes of the title track, which excellently closes a disc to have at any cost, both for lovers of death and melodic black metal.

The negative and sinister feeling that reigns in the album is excellent, well underlined by sharp riffs and a deep and expressive voice at the same time. We can’t proclaim this release as album of the year because it came out in 2020, but mark this album and support this band.

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