Scriptures band signed with Wormholedeath

Nottinghamshire Atmospheric Rock band SCRIPTURES signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the album “Ghostland”, due for release on November 18th, 2022.

Signing statement
“The journey has definitely been long and fraught with arguments and disagreements, however, it’s fantastic to have some recognition and belief from more than just the group for the craft and long hours we’ve all put in together.” Says founding member Rob Roblou. “We’ve come a long way since myself and Kieren started the band, 10 years ago, a million or so members ago, and while this has led to our destruction, getting to work with Carlos and his team at Wormhole Death and release G H O S T L A N D to a worldwide audience competes a wonderful long-awaited dream of mine.”
He continued to say that “…the album is a good variety of live favorites with well crafted dynamic and emotional sections, a smattering of electronic elements, and the heaviest riffs we had in our arsenal. I hope that you can join us on a journey of fierce melancholy… we are Scriptures and these are the stories we leave behind.”

The culminating album release from Nottinghamshire Atmospheric Rock band Scriptures, G H O S T L A N D is a journey through real-world emotions, life experiences, and an ever-evolving world mindset – accompanied by harmonious melodies and crushing fury.
The 10-song tumultuous production took place over three conflicting years, with songs written & produced by all members, which consist of the most complex, diverse, and thunderous songs produced to date.
2022 marks a decade since the inception of Scriptures, and with this album being the culmination of long-standing friendships and fully formed tenured relationships,
G H O S T L A N D provides an exclaimed conclusion to the group.
The songs on this album range from introspective ballads One for Sorrow & Siren, crushing fast-paced disasters The Resident & Red Agony, dramatic overtures
El Niño & La Niña, and atmospheric curiosities Skyglow & The Sun Is Awake which provides a diverse sonic palate.
While two singles have been released prior to G H O S T L A N D they have been reimagined and reworked to make the experience of the album more consistent for your aural pleasure, which will NOW be released in physical CD formats, and streaming services via WormholeDeath records.
G H O S T L A N D was mixed by Roblou Industries, Mastered by Formation Audio LTD, and Live Drums were provided by John Joe Gaskin.
So come hear a journey of fierce melancholy, these are the stories…we leave behind.

Band members at the time of recording:
Rob Roblou (Guitar)
Kieren Douglas (Guitar)
John C. Taylor (Bass)
Siobhan Sands (Vocals)

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