Seattle Death Metallers Rhine releasing “Ausland” November 12 on Within The Mind Records

Progressive Death Metal quartet RHINE will release Ausland, the band’s third full-length album, November 12 on Within The Mind Records.

Multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Tachell had this to say about Ausland:

“Our new album Ausland explores some pretty cynical and nihilistic themes. It’s a mix of personal struggles with depression, fear and conflict, and some politically driven stuff about privilege, capitalism, the environment etc. The album is heavier than previous releases, with more refined song writing and is generally more cohesive, but still has plenty of proggy twists and turns. The title Ausland means foreign place in German, which kind of summarizes the whole feeling of living in this world right now. It also harkens back to my childhood living in Germany, where “Auslander” (foreigners) were forced into the lower class by societal structures, my first encounter with the hate and discrimination that plagues the whole world.”


James Porter (Bass)
Gabriel Tachell (Guitars, Vocals)
Carlos Delgado (Drums)
Andrew Dennis (Guitar)


Rhine is a concoction of extreme metal that could be described very differently depending on who you ask. Often labeled as progressive death metal, you can hear the European influence with elements of black metal, melo-death and folk metal, while attempting to retain the spirit of rock in their song structures.
They’ve had a variety of musicians in their lineup and session players on their albums since their formation in 2011. It began as a solo project with the 2011 album Duality recorded single handedly by singer/guitarist Gabriel Tachell. The second album, An Outsider, began recording in 2014, featuring session drummer Sean Lang and Tachell playing everything else. Later that same year a lineup was formed with Alex Smolin (guitar), Carlos Delgado (drums) and James Porter (bass). The band started playing live, and An Outsider was released in early 2016, followed by their first tour.
In 2017 they recorded a split EP with Rat King, which included all the members of the lineup and more collaboration in the song writing. In 2018 Smolin left, and the band remained split up for nearly two years. During that time Tachell began work on the new album Ausland with session drummer Daryl Williams. Again Tachell played most of the instruments, with additional guitar contributions from Andrew Dennis (current member) and some compositional contributions from Smolin. Dennis joined the band as guitarist in 2019 along with original members Delgado and Porter. Ausland was completed during the pandemic.

Track Listing:

  1. Prelude
  2. Virtual Plague
  3. Prisoner of Fate
  4. Running Away
  5. Ausland
  6. The Path to Power
  7. Trivial
  8. Shadow Future

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