Sfregio – “Malmignotta” – [Nadir Music]

Sfregio are an Italian band that has existed for about fifteen years and has already collected a good number of releases. This “Malmignotta” represents a very inspired formation, which always straddles punk and metal, so you can often hear the echo of a band like Motorhead, especially as regards the rhythm section, while the singing is totally different from Lemmy’s, as high voices are preferred here, which go well with the band’s light-hearted lyrics, which massacre the listener from the beginning to the end of the album with sympathy but also with biting irony.

From a musical point of view, perhaps this band doesn’t invent anything particularly new and perhaps this is precisely their strong point: playing it safe by offering dirty punk/metal! We could also mention some hc/thrash crossover digressions a la DRI or Suicidal Tendencies from the beginning, but compared to these bands Sfregio prefer to remain in more melodic territories.

A record that entertains properly, with some memorable choruses and a healthy dose of irony which is also well represented by the splendid cover. A very immediate album that will be able to garner the favor of a large metal and punk audience right from the start. Highly recommended!

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