Shumaun – “Memories & Intuition” [Self Release]

New album for Virginia hard rock band Shumaun titled “Memories & Intuition”. The project, originally born as a solo project (Farhad Hossain), took shape over time to become something more “complex” and out of the classic “prog rock / metal”.
Alongside the band’s regular lineup, on this album, Shumaun employs the talents of legendary drummers Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert), Atma Anur (Jason Becker, Tony Macalpine) and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord). Drummers Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation) and Chris DeChiara also contributed.

An album that includes twelve tracks with a total duration of just over an hour. Path in which we can appreciate and taste melodic structures that alternate with more marked riffs well enhanced by guitar solos that reinforce the structure and that give overall a dynamic and overwhelming listening.

“Memories of Water” is an excellent example of how the band has been able to create soft and fluid structures without even too much difficulty, and the ease with which they manage to be versatile is demonstrated for example by the song “Breathing Light”, full of adrenaline and with an excellent sound impact. Shumaun’s sound is shaped by Farhad Hossain’s soaring vocals and lead guitar work, Jose Mora’s pounding melodic bass lines, and Tyler Kim’s subtle guitar overtones.

A great job for this band that impresses for simplicity and originality, with an eye to giving their fans something that has a notable sonic impact and marked yet soft lines.



  1. A Subtle Invocation
  2. Prisoners
  3. Memories of Water
  4. Jabriel’s Song
  5. Invincible
  6. Under the Sun
  7. The Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Tides
  9. Intuition Underground
  10. Breathing Light
  11. A Planetary Shift
  12. The Day We Said Goodbye

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