Silence Is Spoken – “11” [Wormholedeath]

Silence is Spoken are an alternative metal band formed in the UK, but then moved to Italy in Florence. They have released 3 albums in all and this “11” is fresh off the press and represents a very intriguing lyrical concept. The band plays a lot to renew the Seattle sound of the nineties, mixing it with a modern metal and child of the 2000s. This band manages to bring the music of artists like Alice In Chains or Stone Temple pilots towards something harder, thanks to stinging riffs, powerful drums and dense vocals.

There are also some references to the prog rock of the seventies, as well as to the hard rock of the seventies. The substantial difference between this band and the many other alternative rock and metal realities out there lies in the fact that Silence Is Spoken attacks the listener practically from the first to the last track, with a remarkable wall of sound that sees intersecting complicated drum patterns and great riffs.

There aren’t many guitar solos, and when there are they appear short and lopsided. Surely Silence Is Spoken are not an absolute novelty for our music, but they represent a valid alternative to all the soulless hard rock and metal that is often heard on the radio. By virtue of all these qualities, this “11” must be discovered by as many people as possible, we are sure it will surprise you.

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